Manitoba Harvest

May 1, 2008

I recently received some goodies from Manitoba Harvest and wanted to share my thoughts on their products. If someone could overdose on hemp I might have done so last night. I tried their Hemp Seeds on my salad, had a glass (or two) of their chocolate hemp milk and a piece of toast with Hemp Seed Nut Butter. This morning I also enjoyed a smoothie with their Hemp Protein in it, yum. I feel like I’m set for life with Omegas.

My favorite of all their products was the Hemp Seed Nut Butter. It looks and tastes like a pistachio butter or a really green almond butter. I would really recommend this to people with kids because not only is it loaded with healthy goodness but kids would probably be really into the bright green colour (like green ketchup but without the chemicals).

The chocolate milk was also really nice, I happen to like the taste of hemp but if you don’t then it might be a bit strong for you as the flavour isn’t masked with tons of sweetness. All their hemp products have a nice natural nuttyness to them.

Something that initially drew my to this company was the fact that they’re Canadian owned and operated (but don’t worry they’re sold in the States). They grow and produce all of their own products which are organic and kosher. You can even take a picture tour of their farm on their website showing you the plants and seeds from start to finish. If you’re not sure how to incorporate more hemp into your life fear not as they have TONS of recipes on their site to get you started.

XO Amy


Bjorked Off

April 28, 2008

Anyone who makes something called Chocolate Covered Pretzel Peanut Butter Mousse Cake with black bottom and peanut butter drizzle has my respect for life.

Evan over at Bjorked Off bakes more than I thought was humanly possible and I’m in awe. I love cooking but the process of baking has always been more enjoyable for me. When Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World came out I couldn’t believe just how many recipes they’d managed to come up with so imagine how amazed I was to find out that someone had made ALL of them. I highly recommend this blog as food porn if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Bake on friend, bake on.

xo Amy

Urban Hurray

April 20, 2008

Urban Decay is a make-up line that reminds me of being 15 and wearing way too much eyeliner. Since then I’ve learned to use it more sparingly but still love eyeliner when I want to look ‘dressed up’. The Smoke Out Eye Pencil from Urban Decay has a soft eyeshadow-y skinny liner on one end and a smudger on the other making smoky eyes super easy and subtle.

Urban Decay has a whole Vegan section on their site with a pretty substantial selection whatever your make-up needs with over 35 different Vegan products each in a rainbow of colors. They also feature a print out list of all of their vegan items so you can take it to the store. Happy shopping.

xo Amy

It’s No Sweat!

April 10, 2008

The classic Chuck is a timeless looking sneaker but as most of you know they are now owned by Nike which for a lot of people is enough to make them not buy them. Sometimes you can be lucky enough to come across a pair second hand but if you’re not so lucky, I present to you the No Sweat version.

No Sweat makes an pretty exact replica that’s vegan, union made and sweat-shop free. They have a space on their site where they’ll show you the pay and benefits received by their factory workers.

I bought these as a gift for a friend who doesn’t buy new because if something does happen to be ethically made it’s usually not affordable but these shoes are actually less expensive than the now jacked up price of Converse. Next time you’re in need of some shoes that will let you tread lightly on the world I suggest you check them out.

xo Amy

Here’s what…

April 5, 2008

On “What the hell does a vegan eat anyway?” you’ll find some of the most creative vegan recipes I’ve ever encountered. This blog is a mouthwatering one if you’re a real ‘foodie’. Even if you don’t like to cook and don’t think that you’ll try their recipes the pictures are worth checking out on their own. Another neat thing about this blog, another than the fact that they somehow manage to document all their meals, is that they do “Raw Food Wednesdays”. I’ve tried and failed with the raw food thing in the past ( I just ended up eating 50 pounds of cashews a day) but the idea of doing it once a week interests me and their recipes look delicious. Yellow Beet Ravioli and Collard Green Salad Rolls anyone?

They’re also participating in Hezbollah Tofu if you haven’t heard of it it’s a new blog where people try to veganize the meat heavy recipes of Tony Bourdain. Their most recent attempt looks amazing, Roulade of Wild Seitan with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes yummmmmm.

Test out one of their recipes and take your vegan cooking to the next level.

Macaroni and…yeast?

April 3, 2008

I love mac ‘n cheese! I was shown a recipe and modified it to my own tastes that I thought I’d share with you today as well as a review of a vegan mac’ n cheese by Road’s End in a box for those of you who aren’t so inclined to actually cook.

Most vegan macaroni and cheese recipes rely heavily on nutritional yeast but if you don’t like it (you’re crazy) you can leave it out.

You’re going to need:

1 potato

1 carrot

half an onion

a small handful of cashews

1/2 Tablespoon of dijon

juice of half a lemon

2 Tablespoons of nutritional yeast

salt and pepper

Chop up your onion, potato and carrot into similar sized pieces and place them in a sauce pan. Cover them in water and bring to a boil. Cook until they’re nice and soft. Drain them but reserve the cooking water. Toss your cashews, lemon juice and dijon into a food processor and blast until smooth and add your cooked veggies and a bit of the cooking water. Puree and add more water if you need it. Add salt, pepper and nutritional yeast and blintz again. Mix with cooked pasta and broccoli (if that’s what you fancy), at this point you can either eat it up or take it one step further and putting it in a baking dish cover with bread crumbs and bake at 400 until they’re golden brown, yum.

So now onto the ‘instant’ variety, Macaroni and Chreese (sounds like trees) made by Road’s End is super yummy.


If I’m going to eat macaroni out of a box I don’t like to mess around with ‘healthier’ varieties and go for classic Shells and Chreese. For all of you in the states you’re very lucky as this isn’t very hard to find at any health food stores but whatever the reason it’s close to impossible to find in Canada, even Whole Foods doesn’t have it. I actually bring home boxes of it when I go to the US of A. The shells aren’t gooey or mushy and the nutritional yeasty mustardy sauce tastes yummier and cheesier than just those two ingredients mixed together. It’s a great replacement if you were once a lover of Annie’s Pasta. I’m making myself hungry.

xo Amy

I was recently given an amazing pot of Portland General Store’s Big Aunt Ida’s Mud Scrub and I had to share it with you (the review, not the pot, get your own). This stuff is like washing your face with a double espresso.


As I mentioned before, many moons ago I was an esthetician and have an addiction to new vegan and natural skincare but I’m rarely impressed, this was very impressive. Not only does this scrub have coffee in it, which is full of anti-oxidants but they also managed to pack it full of every beautifying oil and extract out there, making this a great scrub for aging or troubled skin. People blessed with perfect skin can still enjoy it but I wouldn’t use it every day. The majority of their products aren’t vegan but this one is and it’s also 85% organic. Go look at their Etsy and support small business.

xo Amy